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Presentation Masterclass

Location Birmingham
Price ex. VAT 1342 GBP
Start Date 28 November 2019

Course type Performance
Course code MPDPMC
Duration 2 Days

Audiences now expect a high quality professional performance and, increasingly, important decisions are made as a result of presentations. This course will help to move you from a good presenter to a great presenter. This course will be highly participative and is designed to develop presentation skills and build confidence via trainer input, personal assessment and interactive sessions.

Filming of presentations gives a great opportunity to critique your performance and recognise your improvement.

Target Audience:

The course is for all levels, including the most senior executives, who seek to enhance their abilities to impress groups and audiences.


  • Knowledge of MS PowerPoint and basic presentation experience are required to benefit from this course.

  • Please bring two ten minute business presentations for improvement, rehearsal and delivery as well as a laptop to work on presentation slides.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • structure a persuasive presentation
  • establish credibility with your audience
  • make presentations more dynamic and impactful by using verbal and non-verbal communication to your advantage
  • use the tools of rhetoric and motivational fillers strategically
  • appeal to audience interests and motivation
  • deal confidently with difficult situations and people, involving posing and taking questions
  • develop more memorable visuals.

What will the course cover

  • Personal objectives for the course.
  • Assessing your audience, their interests and motivation.
  • Planning and structuring your presentation for strategic impact.
  • Engaging and holding your audience.
  • Creating a dynamic presentation.
  • The art of persuasion - the benefits you give your audience.
  • Using rhetoric and Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  • Handling nerves.
  • Preparation and use of visual aids.
  • Handling questions strategically.
  • Presentation practice and feedback.

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