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TAP Certificate in Online Facilitation Skills - online 5-week tutor led

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Start Date 06 November 2019

About this course

Course type Premium

This programme helps L&D professionals who are experienced in training or facilitating classroom-based events to transfer their skills to training online. The course covers techniques on how to build rapport online, keeping the audience engaged throughout live online sessions and how to facilitate self-paced activities such as online discussion forums. The programme covers the role of an online facilitator and how to support and host online events to global audiences.

Suitable for L&D professionals who wish to gain practical experience of facilitating online activities

Benefits to the delegate

  • Design and structure effective live online sessions
  • Engage participants with creative online activities
  • Experience live online sessions and self-paced activities
  • Support and motivate learners during a distance learning programme

Benefits to the organisation

  • Apply best practice models to facilitating online learning
  • Enable delivery of effective training to global audiences
  • Reduce travel and subsistence costs to classroom events
  • Enable evaluation of web-conferencing tools to make an informed choice for the organisation

TAP Certification

Due to their unique range and scope, TAP Qualifications provide individuals and organisations with a means to develop a career pathway based on achieving Certification of Learning and Development skills.

Programme outline

This comprises scheduled live online sessions and self-paced tasks each week. Delegates will need to commit 4-5 hours of study per week and attend the tutor-led online sessions. An individual system check will be carried out to ensure each delegate is able to access WebEx for the live online sessions and the course website.

  • Week 1 ??? Tutor-led online session: ???The Online Facilitation Model??? (1 hour) and self-paced activities including contributing to an online forum, writing a critique of some example webinar recordings and project work
  • Week 2 ??? Tutor-led online session: ???Tools of an Online Facilitator??? (1 hour) and self-paced activities including working on scenarios, researching online tools and project work
  • Week 3 ??? Tutor-led online session: ???The Secrets of Engaging Live Online Sessions??? (1 hour) and project work: planning a live online session and a self-paced activity
  • Week 4 ??? Project work to include writing joining instructions, practising delivery of the live online session and setting up the self-paced activity
  • Week 5 ??? Deliver a 20-minute live online session and facilitate a 5-minute self-paced activity. Participate and support the other delegates (approx 4 hours depending on number of delegates) in the group then attend the final ???Wrap Up??? session for tutor and peer feedback (30 minutes)

Delegates will learn how to

  • Plan a synchronous and asynchronous activity, to meet the TAP Online Facilitation Profile, and facilitate these activities with the group
  • Participate and support the facilitated activities of at least three members of the group

Leading to the TAP Certificate in Online Facilitation Skills

Competencies delegates will develop

1. Applying the online facilitation model

  • Defining the term online facilitator and how the role is applied in an organisational context
  • Understanding the different roles of an online host and an online facilitator
  • Building rapport with online participants
  • Applying the Online Facilitation Model to their own environment

2. Using learning technologies

  • Defining synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • Using web-conferencing tools and a variety of features such as whiteboard, polling, audio, text chat
  • Using a variety of communication methods with distance learning students such as online forums and wikis

3. Planning online activities

  • Researching background information on the training need and target audience
  • Identifying any cultural differences when delivering to an international audience
  • Designing online sessions for live delivery via web-conferencing for small and large groups
  • Planning and creating online asynchronous activities

4. Delivering live online sessions

  • Introducing the session and ensuring it is kept to time
  • Using a variety of learning methods and online tools to generate discussion and to hold attention
  • Expressing ideas, concepts and explanations clearly
  • Creating a positive learning environment, using a range of techniques to handle participants' questions
  • Following the stages of learning process and providing signposts to the participants
  • Monitoring group dynamics and making appropriate interventions

5. Hosting live online sessions

  • Logging in early and welcoming participants, carrying out audio and visual checks with each one
  • Providing guidance on the tools for participants to use
  • Handing over to the online facilitator
  • Monitoring questions and managing the text chat area
  • Assisting the facilitator in handling any technical issues which may occur
  • Closing the live online session

6. Monitoring asynchronous activities

  • Setting up the online activity
  • Monitoring contributions to ensure everyone in the group participates
  • Acknowledging responses and providing feedback in the timeframe defined in the learning contract
  • Injecting 'sparks' into the activity to promote discussion
  • Summarising and closing the activity
  • Providing any links or documentation for further learning

7. Delivery style

  • Using positive language to create a friendly and relaxed environment
  • Injecting enthusiasm through the use of positive language and voice modulation
  • Projecting a professional, knowledgeable and confident image

8. Overcoming technical and other challenges

  • Being proactive in offering support, handling any technical issues that occur, with the host???s assistance
  • Offering the participant the opportunity to carry out a system check prior to the live session

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