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TAP Certificate in Design

Location Coventry
Price ex. VAT 1290 GBP
Start Date 10 October 2018

About this course

Course type Premium
Course code TTFTDD
Duration 3 Days

This 3-day course offers a structured yet flexible approach to training design and development which encourages a consistent approach to designing effective learning events.

TAP???s best-practice design model builds upon the analysis undertaken during the LNA phase and ensures that learning design addresses the real needs of the business and the people working in it.

Benefits to the delegate

  • Learn a process that will ensure training is designed for delivery to the best-practice TAP delivery methodology
  • Build confidence in working with sponsors, business managers and colleagues by being TAP-qualified in training design and development
  • Competence in designing learning interventions that meet the need and engage the target audience
  • Bring theory to life by applying each stage of the process to a work-based project
  • Take away templates to assist in the design of future learning events

Benefits to the organisation

  • Inspires a learning culture in the organisation by creating an appetite and excitement for learning
  • Produces excellent ROI for a modest investment: L&D Professionals who can design innovative learning solutions which meet specific organisational needs as defined by an efficient LNA process
  • Instils a consistent approach to designing learning interventions that result in improved working practice and performance
  • Builds trust in the reliability of learning events in the organisation

TAP Certifications

Due to their unique range and scope, TAP Qualifications provide individuals and organisations with a means to develop a career pathway based on achieving Certification of Learning and Development skills. This Certificate delivers a competency set aligned to the relevant L&D Standards published by The British Institute for Learning & Development.

British Institute for Learning and Development

The BILD is the awarding body for all certificates and diplomas issued under the Training Accreditation Programme (TAP??). On completion of this course delegates can apply for membership. Please see more about the membership benefits, fees and application guidelines here www.theBILD.org.

Prerequisites and audience

Suitable for Training Designers who are required to design learning events

Course objectives and assessment

Delegates plan the design of a learning solution to meet the criteria of the Design and Evaluation Profile, using the templates provided.

Leading to the TAP Certificate in Design and Evaluation.

Competencies delegates will develop

1. Understanding the influences of theories on adult learning

  • Understanding the importance of being up to date with current thinking on learning theories
  • Designing training resources and activities that incorporate appropriate learning theories to engage audiences

2. Reviewing resources

  • Reviewing a variety of sources to ensure the design meets the specified requirement
  • Understanding the importance of copyright and intellectual property rights and avoiding plagiarism

3. Developing resources to support learners

  • Selecting support resources appropriate to the needs of the organisation, target group and budget
  • Selecting online or paper-based distribution methods as appropriate
  • Ensuring support resources are relevant, effective and efficient

4. Designing practice, progress monitoring and assessment mechanisms

  • Writing learning objectives to include a behaviour, standard and condition
  • Constructing objectives at appropriate levels for the group and the nature of the learning to be achieved
  • Designing activities that enable learners to practise their new skills and knowledge
  • Designing activities for monitoring learners??? progress including optimal performance with marking schemes if required
  • Designing assessments to confirm that the learning objectives have been met

5. Using methods and media

  • Selecting appropriate learning methods to effectively transfer knowledge and/or skills
  • Selecting appropriate media and technologies to efficiently transfer knowledge and/or skills

6. Developing materials to support training delivery

  • Designing materials to support training delivery and ensure consistency to TAP standards
  • Developing a training plan that meets the needs of the organisation
  • Ensuring the training plan is efficient, flexible, accurate, relevant and effective
  • Designing a session that is structured to best practice

7. Developing feedback mechanisms

  • Designing a post-course feedback mechanism
  • Analysing feedback and creating action plans for both positive and negative results

8. Promoting the event

  • Implementing a range of methods to promote the event
  • Creating materials to promote the event eg, course outline, joining instructions etc

9. Understanding the importance of quality assurance

  • Using style guides, templates and branding to ensure consistency
  • Quality-auditing materials for formatting and writing style
  • Piloting the event to an appropriate audience
  • Analysing the design to ensure it meets a range of learner preferences

10. Supporting performance and measuring results

  • Designing methods and materials for supporting and assessing performance

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