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Project Introduction

Location Cambridge
Price ex. VAT 245 GBP
Start Date 21 February 2019
Course type Standard
Course code FROG236
Duration 1 Day


By the end of the session you will feel comfortable within the Project management environment and be able to create and manage simple projects. You will be able to produce more complicated projects and feel comfortable tracking and resolving conflicts. You will be able to publish projects, share information, create, manage and track projects plus provide status information.

Target Audience

This course is designed for newcomers to Microsoft Project and Project Management.


This course assumes no previous experience.


Fundamentals of Project Management

  • The Project Interface
  • The Backstage View (2010)
  • Review of terms e.g. Gantt Chart, task, critical path, and resource.
  • Setting the Base Calendar/Working Hours


  • Outlining Tasks (indent and outdent)
  • Collapsing and Expanding the Outline


  • Creating Individual Resource Calendars
  • Assigning a New Base Calendar


  • Task Mode (2010 only)
  • Entering Tasks/Milestones and Recurring Tasks
  • Entering Durations

Adjusting Tasks

  • Task Linking and Unlinking
  • Task Relationships
  • Lag and Lead-Time
  • Constraints and Deadlines

Critical Path

  • Viewing the Critical Path
  • Viewing Slack Time
  • Shortening the Critical Path


  • Changing Views and View Scale
  • Formatting Bars, Text and Gridlines
  • Printing a View


  • Creating a Resource List
  • Assigning Work Resources
  • Assigning Material Resources
  • Changing Task Types

Adjusting Resources

  • Resolving Over Allocation
  • Levelling Resources
  • Setting Task Priorities


  • Entering Standard, Overtime and Cost per use rates
  • Create a Resource Rate Table
  • Assign Fixed Task and Fixed Material Costs
  • Viewing Costs

Baselines & Tracking Progress

  • Creating a Baseline
  • Viewing the Tracking Gantt
  • Recording Actual work performed


  • Standard Reports
  • Visual Reports (2007 & 2010)

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