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TAP Foundation Award in Training Delivery

Location Coventry
Price ex. VAT 1010 GBP
Start Date 08 August 2019

About this course

Course type Premium
Course code TTFFCTD
Duration 2 Days
Special Notices

This course is also available as a one day classroom blended course covering the same learning outcomes as the classroom event. Please contact us for more details

This 2-day classroom course provides a best-practice training skills foundation for subject matter experts, who are or will be required to deliver training either to internal colleagues or external customers.

Based on the Queen???s Award-winning TAP methodologies, the course is an excellent way to embark on a training career. It can, if required, be subsequently upgraded to a full professional Certificate awarded by The British Institute for Learning & Development and a stepping-stone to a role-based TAP Diploma.

Benefits to the delegate

  • Learn how to structure a training session with
    a logical beginning, middle and end, and learn ways to check learners' progress throughout
    the session
  • Learn how to use a variety of question types
    to engage with learners, build a participative environment and stimulate effective learning transfer
  • Learn how to adapt their natural delivery style
    to enhance each learner's experience

Benefits to the organisation

  • Ensures that training interventions are delivered to best-practice and that the organisation's investments in training achieve desired outcomes in terms of learning transferred to the job
  • Accesses the unique Queen's Award-winning
    TAP delivery skills methodologies
  • Enhances organisational capability
  • Increases the delegate's competence, job satisfaction and commitment

British Institute for Learning and Development (the Institute)

The Institute is the awarding body for all certificates and diplomas issued under the Training Accreditation Programme (TAP??). On completion of this course delegates can apply for membership. Please see more about the Institute???s membership benefits, fees and application guidelines here www.theBILD.org.

Prerequisites and audience

This is suitable for subject matter experts who are required to deliver training courses.

Course objectives and assessment

Delegates plan and deliver a training session that is assessed against the TAP Structure and Style criteria

Leading to the TAP Foundation Award in Training Delivery

Competencies delegates will develop

1. Structuring the learning event

  • Stating clear objectives and agreeing expectations
  • Defining a 'route-map' for the session
  • Capturing and assessing the learners' prior knowledge and skills
  • Building links to aid learning
  • Delivering appropriate content in a learning-efficient sequence
  • Assessing the extent to which knowledge and/or skills transfer has taken place
  • Reinforcing the key points from the intervention
  • Monitoring and controlling the progress of the group and individuals
  • Adapting the methods and/or content to the progress identified
  • Assessing the achievement of the learning event???s objectives
  • Recognising achievement

2. Facilitating the learning event

  • Generating a positive learning climate
  • Identifying and coaching learners who are struggling with the pace and/or content
  • Dealing effectively with groups of mixed ability
  • Reacting appropriately to learners' concerns
  • Managing demonstrations, group and individual activities to ensure context is maintained
  • Managing the learning event efficiently

3. Employing questioning skills

  • Using a variety of questioning types and techniques
  • Handling learners??? questions effectively
  • Using reflective questioning to get the learners to take responsibility for their learning
  • Using active listening techniques

4. Establishing and maintaining credibility

  • Demonstrating the required level of knowledge
  • Projecting a professional, knowledgeable and confident image
  • Ensuring anti-discriminatory best-practice

5. Using methods and media

  • Selecting appropriate training aids to promote understanding
  • Using training aids to best practice
  • Incorporating technology appropriately

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