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IT Security Assessment, Analysis and Reporting

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Today’s businesses completely rely on their IT systems and the cost of something going wrong can be astronomical. We can ensure that your network is safe and secure.

There have been many incidents of lost or stolen data highlighted in the media. Even with the amount of media coverage IT backup and security often goes un-noticed until there is a problem. Many businesses rely on out-of-date, time-consuming and unsecure business practices – without realising the costs they could incur as a result.

FROG have developed a series of procedures based upon global best practice IT standards and policies. Our standards provide a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT services, enabling your business to deliver appropriate services and continually ensure you are meeting your business goals and delivering benefits.

We benchmark our clients systems using the most up to date IT Standards, with measures taken to ensure their systems operate to these high standards.

Backup and security procedures include:

  • Password policies
  • Server backup and recovery
  • Virtual Private Network policies
  • Security logs
  • Network wireless and firewalls
  • Workstation antivirus and security software
  • Server room security
  • Our security services include:
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Managed email security
  • Web filtering and firewall
  • Antivirus software
We carry out regular assessments of our clients systems, software, processes and policies against these best practices; providing advice on critical procedures that should be followed and also what we would recommend to ensure maximum security.

We take on the following responsibilities:

  • IT & Telecoms infrastructure Assessment, Analysis and Reporting
  • IT is now such an essential part of business that the most successful companies can't afford to leave it out of the boardroom or business plan. FROG can help you ensure that all aspects of IT and telecoms are properly considered, planned and budgeted for to facilitate sustainable growth and development as an integral part of your company's business strategy.

  • Communicate at a senior level of the organisation to evaluate how IT can complement your business objectives
  • Identify opportunities for improved productivity and profitability
  • Manage and evaluate IT operations
  • Provide technical expertise and industry knowledge to support sales and marketing efforts
  • Establish, coordinate and evaluate information technology strategies for key products and services
  • Oversee management of IT personnel and development teams




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