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Excel Introduction

Location Great Shelford, Cambridge
Price ex. VAT £210.00
Start Date 08 April 2020
Course type Standard
Course code FROG229
Duration 1 Day

The aim of this course is to introduce working with spreadsheets and simple calculations.  At the end of the session you will be able to create, edit and format spreadsheets using number and font formatting; alter the structure of the spreadsheet by inserting, deleting and resizing columns and rows.  Finally you will be able to create some simple calculations.

Target Audience

Designed for new users.


Basic keyboard and PC skills and a knowledge of the windows environment is assumed.


What is a Spreadsheet?

The Excel Screen

  • The Ribbon
  • Moving around the screen
  • Selecting cells and ranges

Creating a Spreadsheet

  • Opening workbooks
  • Entering text and numbers
  • Saving workbooks/Save as PDF
  • Preview and print workbooks
  • Closing workbooks

Editing a Spreadsheet

  • Deleting cell contents
  • Editing text and numbers
  • Copying/moving data/Pasting Options
  • AutoFill
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Hiding rows and columns
  • Inserting, deleting, copying and moving worksheets


  • Apply font formats
  • Formatting ranges (currency, fixed etc)
  • Rotate and indent text
  • Modify cell size and alignment
  • Apply borders and shading


  • Simple calculations
  • Copying formulae
  • Editing formulae
  • Absolute & Relative Formulae
  • AutoCalculate
  • Range Finder

Statistical Functions

  • AutoSum
  • Analysing Data using AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT and COUNTA

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