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Word Advanced - Long Documents

Location Great Shelford, Cambridge
Price ex. VAT £225.00
Start Date 01 April 2020
Course type Standard
Course code FROG237
Duration 1 Day


The aim of this course is to manage long documents more easily with the use of Styles and Indexes.  The course will generally provide lots of tips and effective ways of navigating through a document more quickly and easily along with faster formatting.

Target Audience

Designed for existing users who work with long documents and those who create standard documents or forms that may be used by others.


It is assumed that the participant will have a good basic knowledge of Word and can apply character and paragraph formatting, tabs, indents and bullets or numbering.


Formatting Refresher

  • Paragraph and Page Formatting Tips
  • Understanding Sections
  • Text Flow Options
  • (Widows/Orphans/Keep Lines Together)

Styles and Themes

  • Cover Pages
  • Using Heading Styles
  • Create & edit styles
  • Managing styles
  • Heading Numbering
  • Themes


  • Using Outline View
  • The Navigation Pane

Working with Indexes and References

  • Create & Modify a Table of Contents
  • Create & Modify a Table of Figures


  • Create a template
  • Managing Templates
  • Automating Templates with Fill-in fields

Extras if time:


  • Create & Modify Legacy Forms

More References

  • Create & Modify an Index
  • Create a Citation and Bibliography
  • Footnotes
  • Cross-References

Document Properties and Protection

  • File Properties
  • Document Inspector
  • Protect Documents
  • Version History

Master Documents

  • Creating a Master and Subdocuments
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